Ops as a competitive differentiator?

Operational aspects of software systems are often treated as second class citizens. The point is that e.g. availability is expected to be a given. FRs (functional requirements) are a differentiator and NFRs (non-functional requirements) are not. So why should anyone focus on NFRs?

In a world of mobile and sharing economy NFRs are becoming a necessity for the consumer (enterprise IT guys need to understand the difference between an internal customer and a consumer). However, due to complexity, internal structure and ignorance some enterprises who are creating those new products won’t get Ops right.

The consumer will find itself in a world of imperfection. Focus on Ops will lead to differentiation and therefore competitive advantage. Or at least ineffective Ops might devastate the unprepared!

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I am a DevOps consultant writing about Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, IT, strategy, management, mobility, business cases, apps, consumer electronics and MBA education. Talk to me on Twitter: @gekart.
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