Vocabulary Day Alexa Skill


Every day is Vocabulary Day! Trying to improve your English as a foreign language when you reach your plateau is quite difficult. You can read world-class magazines and newspapers. However, most of the time you will only skip unknown words, try to infer their meaning, or even really look them up in the dictionary and forget the meaning after a few days…

With Vocabulary Day you won’t have much to learn: it is only one word a day. Every day you will get a new word, its spelling, meaning and the German translation (more languages to follow later). You can repeat the word multiple times during the day. It is essentially a collection of words that I have picked up somewhere and have a hard time to remember.

After a hundred customers will subscribe to the skill, I will begin extending the skill with quizzes, so that you can train yourself on your knowledge. I have a ton of drilling features on my mind to make your learning as effective and efficient as possible.