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Die Insolvenz der Reutax AG am 22.03.2013 schreckte die Branche und insbesondere viele Freiberufler auf. Für freischaffende Projektmitarbeiter, die durch die Reutax AG vermittelt wurden, kommen harte Zeiten zu. Bei einem Zahlungsziel von 30 Tagen kann es leicht passieren, dass … Continue reading

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QCon 2013 keynote by Barbara Liskov

Barbara Liskov, professor at MIT, presented an IT-history-based keynote at QCon, called “The Power of Abstraction”. It was fun and painful to be reminded of the IT topics of 70s: Gotos Top-down structural design Modules Abstract data types Algol, Simula, … Continue reading

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Continuous delivery

ThoughtWorks’s Vladimir Sneblic today held the excellent Continuous Delivery course at QCon 2013 together with his colleague. Expanding on the well-known must read from Jez Humble, the tutorial included anectodal stories, case examples and professional materials. In a nutshell, Continuous … Continue reading

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The Three Ages

Today Dan North presented his “Three Ages” core pattern (or as I would say, business model) at the QCon 2013. I like how it succinctly categorizes the phase of, say, the adoption a methodology in an organization. 1. Explore (maximize … Continue reading

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