Korg Monologue and Minilogue XD Color-Coding Using Chroma Caps

Today I decided for a color scheme for the Korg Monologue and Minilogue XD. Tell me what you think @gekart.


Final version on the monologue:


  • The filter knob I purchased in the standard and fat version. The fat one is a bit less tall than the others.
  • The hight of the knobs is not precisely the same, so I needed to adjust it carefully.
  • The rotary knob for program / value doesn’t fit, since the shaft in the monologue is recessed and therefore too short. I will have to prolong the knob somehow (as is done on the original knob).
  • For live performances it would be best to switch the orange and red knobs, since the orange ones glow in the dark and you probably want your cutoff to be very visible.

About Grischa Ekart

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