Mac: Make Your External Drive Read-Only

I have a ton of music software content (samples, sounds etc) that makes it impossible to take with me on my MacBook Pro directly. Therefore, I bought an external USB-C Samsung T5 mini SSD that is super-fast and has a small form factor. I then moved my static sound library (Alchemy, Apple Loops, EXS samples, Native Instruments Komplete etc) to that disk and created symbolic links to that SSD.

Now, when I am in the hotel, I just connect that SSD to get my full library on the go. Very convenient and it doesn’t interfere with my business stuff. However, there is an issue: The drive can get disconnected at times (poor USB-C connector on Samsung cable) and sometimes when moving around with the laptop I just want to unplug that drive quickly without that annoying message from MacOS, that I wrongly disconnected that drive. And they are right, OSes nowadays continuously write stuff to drives and disconnecting without first ejecting the drive can result in corrupted files.

The solution for my use case is to make the drive read-only. Since I only use it for static files, this is just perfect. Now I can unplug the drive whenever I want accidentally or not, MacOS stays quiet. In addition, I cannot by chance overwrite files or move stuff around. And if I want to write to the disk, it is just a quick edit (change the ro below to rw).

How to do it? With the external drive inserted, run

diskutil info -all

and pick Type, Volume UUID and Volume Name of your drive. In my case this is:

   Volume Name:              T5
   Volume UUID:              20B59A9D-5A8B-4B57-B4F7-03123445B
   Type (Bundle):            apfs

Use vifs to edit your /etc/fstab (the unix way to mount file systems) and insert these two consecutive lines (per volume):

UUID=20B59A9D-5A8B-4B57-B4F7-03123445B none apfs ro
LABEL=T5 none apfs ro

The ro stands for read-only. Now eject the drive once more and insert it. If you run diskutil again and you can check to set that the drive is no writable. You’re good to go.

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