Upgrade comparison: Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8

I have upgraded two MacBooks (Lion 10.7.5) and a T60 (XP SP2) to the newest operating systems, MountainLion 10.8.2 and Windows 8, respectively. Here are my experiences during the upgrade process:

Mountain Lion

  • Price €17,99 family license
  • iTunes makes for an easy purchase and payment process
  • 64bit is standard since Lion
  • Download size 4,5Gb in about an hour
  • Burning a DVD is relatively easy
  • Installation is straight forward and fast
  • No license key
  • Migration is fully automatic and migrates all software, data and settings
  • Fully HW compatible from 2008 systems onwards
  • Good responsiveness even with late 2008 MacBooks
  • Good battery life as of 10.8.2

Windows 8

  • Price €29,99 single computer
  • Purchasing and payment in Germany is through Arvato, CC data go to a third party
  • 32bit or 64bit depending on previous OS word size (no choice)
  • Download size 2Gb in about 4 hours + some time for Installation Assistant
  • Burning a DVD is experimental
  • Installation is good for a Windows OS, but takes longer than MacOS
  • License key necessary, with a usual retyping procedure due to a necessary restart
  • Migration is rudimentary, taking only user data from XP
  • Good compatibility even with a Thinkpad T60 2007 (no visible conflicts), however specific drivers need to be installed separately
  • Performance is good, especially compared to Vista
  • Battery life unchanged to XP

While the overall process is an easy win for Apple in every aspect, it is remarkable how Microsoft improved Windows in this aspect.

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